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About Summarecon Mall Bandung

Step into the world of shopping and entertainment, where families come together to create unforgettable moments at Summarecon Mall Bandung (Summaba). Summaba redefines the shopping experience by combining shopping and family entertainment with a variety of attractive tenants, including fashion, electronics, household appliances and culinary delights.

Enjoy the lively atmosphere at Downtown Walk with a variety of culinary delights that will pamper your taste buds. As the evening approaches, the enchanting rhythms from renowned musicians of Kota Bandung will create the perfect ambience for spending quality time with your family.

Experience the magic of Sawarga Courtyard, an outdoor oasis spanning 3.600 m2 in the heart of the mall, which will be the center of various activities, from music concerts to exhibitions and culinary events. Sawarga Courtyard is the heart of Summaba that will add unforgettable experiences for visitors and communities alike.

Join us in celebrating the grand opening of Summarecon Mall Bandung - "Your Family Mall". Your journey begins here, where every moment is an opportunity to share happiness, comfort and build broader connections. Summaba, the place where families gather and create everlasting memories.

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